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"It has been my belief that the world is sometimes too real. We need to challenge the black and white in thinking, in theory, in principles. We continue to reinvent ourselves when we let our thoughts take flight. There is no better gift we can give our children than how to hold onto their natural creative ability. Carrying this into adulthood will provide them with the tools to think through challenges, to imagine bigger than they could have otherwise, to refuse to settle for what is there simply because it is."

Illustrator/Author Kay Douglas

Kay Douglas, artist and writer, started painting in the early '70's, finding a passion for it in high school. Touring throughout 1982-1990 in shows in Southwestern Ontario, her work took on a free spirited approach. She returned to school for advertising in 1991 to market her work, and fell in love with advertising. Deciding that she could have both worlds, Kay went into advertising and started a company, now Douglas Marketing Group.

Kay develops campaigns that integrate art into contribution recognition programs and themes in fund development including: 1) the "Dream Weaver" campaign, where 78 original fabric art pieces were done for presentation to donors and a 4'x7' progressive weaving was done to show the campaign's progress, and 2) the "Field of Dreams" campaign, in which she designed a 30' sculpture that showcased how the weaving depicted the energy of the community coming together to support the campaign. Both pieces are permanently exhibited at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre.

Kay published her first children's book in 2006, entitled "Yours for the Dreaming". The book was completed and the first print run was dedicated to support Executive Women International's literacy initiatives. The second edition was published in 2010, and was expanded to include the 6 Step Creative Process along with creativity exercises at the back of the book.

Teaching the creative process in 6 steps and creating programs that work for all, from children to seniors, has been the outcome of putting Kay's creativity into step programs. The work shown is the result of telling the story of the artist's steps toward taking her ideas from concept to continuous development. Mixed medium with design of a mobile art unit are all included, as they are all a part of the story.

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