At its inception, the creative process was developed to encourage creativity and innovation among all age groups. Integrating this process within an educational kit enlists educators as advocates for creative expression, and empowers students to imagine, create and actualize an idea from perception to presentation.

It was the artist's belief that some teachers have not explored or activated their own creative license and are therefore not comfortable facilitating art curriculum. The workshop provides tools that outline the creative process with hands-on experience for the teachers to exercise their creative license, and therefore transfer the process to their students.

Children are given the freedom to explore materials and their application while following the 6 Step Creative Process toward critical and strategic thinking, thus empowering them to take an idea from start to finish.

Greater Essex County District School Board Teacher's Creative Licence Workshop

Teacher's Creative Licence Workshop A workbook and workshop that renews the participants' creative licence, encourages creative expression and offers concepts to integrate the creative process cross-curriculum. Participants left with a temporary creative licence that was created using their imagination, a permanent licence was sent with the return of the participant's original artwork.

Creative Licence Workshop included:

  • Presentation of Yours for the Dreaming Creative Process from educators
  • Demonstration of application cross-curriculum
  • Workbook exercise with integration of art to re-introduce creative expression


"I've received numerous comments from teachers who attended. They truly enjoyed the workshop and it has made them do some soul-searching regarding how many opportunities they are providing for creativity with their students."

Ann Dresser, Teacher Consultant, The Arts

"It's so important to keep the spirit of creativity alive in our students and encourage it from the ones who maybe don't always have the courage to bring it out from themselves-Thank you for reminding me about my own creativity and giving me ideas to use with my students"

Workshop Participant

Southwood Public School

The Educational Kit was distributed in a grade two class that included special needs students, with the intended outcomes as follows: to gain an understanding of the process, to create peer relationships that were positive, and to encourage and fuel original thought. Students followed the creative process from perception to journaling a dreamscape, and developing a collective mural exploding with colour, expression and pride that was then displayed in the hallways.


"Thank you for reminding me about my own creativity and giving ideas to use with my students."

Southwood Public School Teacher

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