The application of the creative process in life enrichment programs and individual and group therapy becomes an ongoing tool for growth and development. Patients and families can often find themselves in a position where they have little control of the outcomes of their diagnosis. Applying the 6 creative steps as a tool for expression in diagnosis, treatment, recovery and living with infirmity or reoccurrence becomes a complementary form of treatment. Whether the patients are documenting their journey for self healing or to share with their families, the process can be used to share today or leave behind a legacy that tells their story. It provides a medium for communications when words do not suffice.

The Benefits
  • Art theraphy exercises both sides of the brain
  • Allow for non-verble expression (right brain function)
  • Allows for written expression (left brain function)
  • Does not require special talents or training
  • Open to anyone
  • Utilizing patient artwork for future fundraising and awareness building initiatives
  • Creating patient-to-patient books of expression as a therapy tool

Art is used as a focus for reflection, expression and release

Windsor-Essex Cancer Centre Foundation

Examples of this in action are the Weaving and the Field of Dreams statue construction at the Windsor Essex Regional Cancer Centre. The impact of the development of the weaving on patients, staff and family provided a beacon for success and progress of a common goal as well as an effective catalyst for fund development.

What is Art Therapy?

  • A form of psychotherapy
  • A means to create
  • A means of expression through:
    • Drawings
    • Doodles
    • Clay
    • Collage
    • 2 or 3 Dimensional Art
    • Writing

Art is used as a focus for reflection, expression and release.

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