Yours for the Dreaming is a philosophy and process of creativity, expressed through a children’s book, educational kit, teacher’s manual, Art Cart, Centre of Innovation and a variety of creative workshops for all ages.

Thinking creatively teaches us to use critical evaluation and strategic planning that can be used in every aspect of our lives; building relationships, overcoming trials, working towards wellness, strengthening our spirit. It is a useful tool when we address issues and challenges. Applying this in progressive steps allows us to track our progress and to draw on this knowledge ongoing.

"As an artist, from as early as I can remember, I have always looked past the obvious. Having the ability to see beyond the lines has opened many doors and windows for me. It allowed me to fly with a creative spirit, free to explore any opportunity or challenge that stood before me. Art has always been a way to express my emotions and has been the tool I have used throughout my most joyous and saddest times."

Kay Douglas

Creative Process: 6 Steps to Fuel Your Creativity

Perception > Idea > Recording > Understanding > Transformation > Presentation

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