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Yours For the Dreaming (the Book)

Inspired by the author’s son, David, the book challenges the reader to use his or her imagination while enjoying the read. Colourful and visually interesting, the book is a playful verse that encourages creativity. The illustrations were done as far back as 1984 and the typography and assembly in 2000. The second edition has exercises on creativity at the back of the book that can be done individually or as a group. This edition is a part of an educational kit for classroom application.

Yours For the Dreaming Education Kit

The educational kit was designed to make it easy for educators to explore their own creativity while promoting the use the creative process with their students.

The educational kit includes:

  • Yours for the Dreaming Book
  • Yours for the Dreaming Posters
  • Journal
  • Class Plan with cross curriculum activities
  • Charcoal abstract colouring sheets
Art Centre on the Go

The Art Centre on the Go was developed to provide a mobile unit that can hold and transport materials as well as serve as a workspace when required. Just as creativity is not limited to a certain room or space, the mobility of the unit allows you to explore your creativity in different surroundings as well as outdoors. It can also accommodate people who use a wheelchair.

Centre for Innovation

The Centre for Innovation is the station where materials are stored and collected. The possibilities are only as limited as the imaginations of those using it.

Art Prints

All Creativity Tools and YFTD merchandise is available for purchase. Please contact us for further information.

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