The Art Center on the Go launched in 2010 with five workshop sessions that introduced the participants to art and encouraged creative expression. Following are examples of the workshops that were implemented. Created based on the skills and experience of the selected trainers, the workshops can be adapted to be in keeping with the trainers' areas of expertise.

  • Your Creative Licence: A Lifetime Membership
    This workshop will introduce you to a number of materials and the freedom to use them. Exercises will show you the different feel of materials and explore the unlimited ways to use them. You will be awarded your own creative license that is designed and customized to fit you perfectly.
  • Using Nature to Spark Creativity
    Applying nature to canvas teaches you to use natural materials, fall leaves and other interesting materials to create colour, shape and a work that you will enjoy for long after the workshop. Two part series.
  • Drawing for Those Who Wish They Could; But are Afraid They Can't Learning to see the way an artist sees.
    Come with desire and an open mind to find that piece of you that is waiting to be creative. Learning to draw is for all of us. This workshop will step you through the simple process of drawing and seeing how that shapes how we see the world and ourselves.
  • Breaking Down Creative Myths
    Communication of inner and outer selves though building a box. Anyone is creative and anyone can be creative. Creativity is how you do anything; how you do everything is how you do anything. Art, simply put, is visual communication. Academic skill is not a prerequisite. The Polynesians say, "We have no art. We do everything as well as we can". In this workshop, individuals will build a box of phobic fascinations - what you love and hate – what you surround yourself with – showing your inner and outer selves. Why tell yourself you can't draw or paint? Anybody can be taught to visually communicate. All that has to happen is your eyes and hands work, and you have willingness to do.

    In this workshop, individuals will center on phobic fascination- surrounding themselves with things they do or don't like. Individuals will learn to dispel what they think they know about what art is and is not.

  • Reaching For a New Perspective
    Learn how to record and scan your work creating your own gallery of images to store and enjoy with friends and family. The computer becomes a tool to research new techniques and record our progress. Images are transformed on screen and provide a window to how an opposite approach becomes a new look.
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